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Why Singaporemathguru.com?

Why Singaporemathguru.com ?


Singaporemathguru.com is the world’s largest video on-demand platform for Singapore math examination questions. These examination questions are adapted from the Mathematics syllabus of Singapore and the content is centred around Primary 1 to Primary 6 math questions, taken and adapted from the top primary schools in Singapore. Why Singaporemathguru? Here’s a few reasons why.


Over 10,000 math questions that you and your child can try for free


There are more than 10,000 math questions from primary 1 to primary 6 that you can attempt with your child. Your child needs your attention and support. By attempting the questions with your children, you get a better appreciation of how tough primary school math can get.


Track your child’s progress with a registered account


You and your child can register for an account together. Whatever question your child attempts, you can see and track. You can also find out his/her strengths and weaknesses with a registered account. There is no catch. The answers are free and forever will be with any of Singaporemathguru’s modules.


Attack your child’s weak points with Singaporemathguru.com


Can’t do a particular type of question such as unchanged total and/or guess and check. Are questions based on “making reasonable assumptions” impossible to solve? It’s ok. Try it again with our growing database of questions. Questions are grouped together into exercises such that students gain mastery over a particular type of question.


World’s largest video resource library to Singapore math questions


We are probably the world’s largest resource library to math questions from Singapore examinations. Whatever video resource  you are looking for, you would most likely find it attached as a video explanation to a question that your child is attempting. We currently have more than 300 hours of tuition. Find out more about our packages here!


Primary 1 to Primary 3 math drills


Sometimes, the reason why children do not perform well in mathematics is because they do not have a firm foundation on the fundamentals before the deep dive into heuristics and all those mind bending non-routine questions. If you know your child is weak, don’t hesitate to drill him with our math drills from primary 1 to primary 3.


Growing database of questions!


We are continually increasing our database of questions and videos. Register for an account and we will send you question alerts from time to time.




Find out what are the types of questions that students stumble upon and beat your competition by learning more about these questions from our updates.


Examination questions for PSLE


Our questions are adapted from the exam papers of top schools. After hours of research, we take immense pride in presenting to you the questions that students must master if they want to get the A star for PSLE. Master these questions and get the A star!


Cheapest tuition ever!


Worried about the ever increasing costs of tuition. Typically, you pay about $50 per hour of private math tuition or more especially if the tutor is a teacher. Would you like the same quality of teaching or better at about $3 to $5 and hour? Register now at Singaporemathguru.com !


Share and Learn


The questions in Singaporemathguru are shareable under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs

CC BY-NC-ND . We encourage you, students, parents and teachers to share them and learn together with us. All you have to do is to credit us and use it non-commercially.


Don’t get left behind!


Already, there are a growing number of parents and students that have joined us and are benefitting from the website. Don’t let your child lose out! Join Singaporemathguru today to get access to examination questions and more. After all, signing up is absolutely free!