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Testimonial 1

It was pretty useful during my tests and exams. It helped me to understand a lot of different concepts through videos. I tried to solve at least 10 sums per day. It had a lot of positive effects on my grades.

~Lob Cho
Student at

Testimonial 2

“The teacher in the video( explains as well or better than the teachers in school”

~ JunZhi,
Nanchiau Primary School

Testimonial 3

“I feel that it would be pretty good if I am able to watch a video on how to do a question. There is very little video content that I can use in school…”

~ Ivan,
student at www.singaporemathguru

Testimonial 4

“There are many exam questions and video explanations to try... It is good for primary 4,5 & 6 students... This is one of the most impressive websites I have ever seen...”

Carmen received an A for PSLE Mathematics
Mee Toh Primary School

Testimonial 5

“There are many exercises ... You can attempt the quizzes at anytime you want ...You can key in your answer and get instant feedback on whether you are correct...The good thing about this is that the video explanations are easy to understand”

Iverson received an A star for PSLE Mathematics
Mee Toh Primary School