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Teachers are always on the lookout for great resources to help their students. We are educators and we understand that. And we are happy to announce that can help.

SingaporeMathGuru is a free to use video learning website consisting of not just math practice (Singapore Math Practice) questions, worksheets, math skills, drills and video explanations to these very questions. We are used by teachers from the US, Singapore, Philippines, India, Germany, UK and many other countries.

This is how you can help your students.

Math Skills

Ask your students to sign up for an account with SingaporeMathGuru. By doing so, the student can attempt the questions segregated into skills. These math skills are critical from primary 1 to primary 3, which is nearly equivalent to grades 1 to 3 in the USA.

Word Problems For Primary 4, 5 & 6

For the most part, SingaporeMathGuru is very useful for primary 4 to primary 6 students(equivalent to grades 4 to 6). Whatever a student does in school and in tuition enrichment centres, we do it here as well. We have question categories that help students to master a certain skill needed. For example, the “Assumption Method” is one of those categories that we provide. We provide several questions of the “Assumption Method” grouped into an exercise. By the time a student is able to attempt these questions, the student would have achieved some mastery of this particular question category.

Math Worksheets & Online Assessment

You can think of SingaporeMathGuru as an online assessment book, a question bank of math questions, worksheets and a place to get a tutor to teach you how to solve the question. It is up to you to use SingaporeMathGuru in whatever way you want to. It is a free resource to help teachers help students.

Video Explanations

So this is how SingaporeMathGuru works. Supposing you try a question amongst the 10,000 questions that we actually have. And if you do not understand how to solve question 10. Question 10 may have a video explanation to help you understand the question itself. If not, a textual worked solution is given to help you understand the question.

Progress Tracking

When you create an account, immediately you have access to progress tracking reports and tools which help one to understand a student’s progress. These reports can be accessed to understand a student’s weakness and strength in certain skills.

100’s of hours of video explanations

SingaporeMathGuru has 100’s of hours of video explanations that can be viewed bu students who are attempting the questions. These videos aim to explain how to solve a particular question.

Learn SingaporeMathGuru, Model Maths & How Students in Singapore Solve Math Questions

Teachers who are interested in the Singapore Math Curriculum can learn the efficacy of the methods in a structured manner by watching videos and studying the textual worked solutions. Teachers can also study the questions and find out how the questions are structured.

Math Enrichment At No Cost For Students In Singapore & The World Over

If you would like to help your students without the costs involved in additional after class enrichment, then SingaporeMathGuru is for you. Just spread the word and get your students to sign up for an account.

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