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To all parents around the world(especially parents in Singapore whose children are taking the PSLE), if you are interested in Singapore Math and its efficacy, then you are at the right place. SingaporeMathGuru is opening up all it’s 100’s of hours of video explanations to students, teachers and parents.

You can attempt as many questions as you like but if you wish to have your progress tracked, you would have to create a new account.

These are what you would get with SingaporeMathGuru.

Access to over 10,000 math questions
We have more than 10,000 math question that your child can attempt on the website itself. You can think of SingaporeMathGuru as an online assessment book. The answers and the worked solutions to each question can be accessed easily and immediately giving your children immediate feedback.

Would you like you child’s math to improve? Force them to solve some questions on before allowing them game time on the computer. You can check if how well they did for the questions.

Full access to 100’s of hours of video explanations from primary 4, 5 & 6

As we have mentioned above, you can think of SingaporeMathGuru as an online assessment book. The difference is this. We have videos explaining how to solve these questions, mostly from primary 4 to primary 6 (grades 4 to 6).

It is like having your own personal tutor at home, free of charge.

Progress Tracking tools with a newly created account

You can only track your child’s progress when you create an account. So please be prepared to do so. At the same time, you can access some of our valuable notes and free lessons for revision before the exams.

Learn with your child

Children are more motivated to do well when you learn with them. When you get into the flow of things, the psychology behind solving the questions and start learning with your child, watching our videos, solving questions together, studying the worked solutions, we believe that your child will do better as compared to the parent who is not as involved.

And Did We Mention That It’s Free?

The questions, math drills, the math worksheets structured into exercises, the worked solutions, the videos are all free, so there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to use SingaporeMathGuru. Yes it is all free! Please use it and spread the word.

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