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This Is What The Top PSLE Students Do That Others Don’t…My Favourite Was No. 3!

Top PSLE Math students – Do’s and Don’ts

Top students are a rare breed. They have a certain sense of maturity that urges them to do more. They normally have a sense of urgency and are willing to take their destiny into their own hands. Take for example Student A. Student A is an intelligent kid but waits for tutor teach him. Student B is an intelligent student as well. But the difference is that Student B takes the initiative to ask certain questions that will untie the knots in their minds.

1. Great Students ask questions



Top psle math students ask lots of questions. Very often, the questions goes like that:

Why are the steps performed that way?

Why do you divide instead of multiply?

Why did you make the total constant?

What about Mary? Why aren’t you finding the amount of money Mary had at first?

How do you know that the question requires you to work backwards?

Often times, students with a higher caliber are able to produce the correct answer without using the most efficient method. If they can do it, if they can find a way, you can allow them some freedom of expression and say let them try it their way. But of course, you have to teach them what is endorsed by MOE. Reason out with them. They can be reasoned with. And explain to them why it has to be done a certain way. But for goodness sake, don’t stifle them!

2. Great students have a certain initiative


I remember once when I was teaching a student, a top psle student with a very high psle aggregate. This student was getting about 80 plus. By all definitions, he was a good student acedemically. When I gave him 2 papers to do. He did 3 papers, a chapter from an assessment book and also went on and dabbled in the questions there which he found challenging. He only needed to complete 2 papers. But he did more. Needless to say, he got the A star.

3.Great student know their weaknesses


I have taught an ACS student in the past. I remember him for being really mischievous. It was great fun teaching this boy. The reason why this boy remains etched in my memory is because he used to reflect on what he was weak in. He would come up to me and tell me he was weak in the Speed topic. For those of you who have attempted some speed questions, you will realize that some of these questions are no walk in the park. We made a little timetable to address some of his queries and questions that he is weak in. He mastered the topic masterfully and did very well. If you’d allow me to elaborate further, the problem that many students have for speed questions is that there is too much information given. You need to know what time the object starts and stops, the duration, the distance, the distance to another point, the time take etc. Well, very simple actually. Just draw a model of it and don’t leave those extraneous bits of information in your head. Write everything down for goodness sake! Anyway, This boy got the A star!

4. Great students have a timetable



A lot has been spoken on this. It is very important to have a plan, a timetable for all the subjects. When I poll the better students, most have finished the syllabus by April/May. Then from there, they just continue their revision by doing papers as a form of exam conditioning.


5. Great students know when to relax


Great students are efficient. And when they have done what is necessary, they know when to take a break and just chill! After all, all work but no play makes Jack a dull boy. If you think it’s study, study, study that makes a student an A star student, I would have to beg to differ on that. Some of the best students are the most well rounded students I have seen.

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