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The Final Countdown!

It’s already the June/Julystockvault-school-boy129765 period. Countdown begins from now to PSLE. In fact, most parents panic right about now with students not scoring up to expectations for CA1 and SA1. And hence, the endless rush to bring students to tuition centres and to even sign up for 3 day PSLE bootcamps just so that their children will have an advantage.

We are not going to argue against the merit of sending your kids to tuition and giving them added boosts in the form of boot camps.  There is merit in doing all those. In fact, we are going to add that at, because we have so many hours of video tutorial that it beats being in a bootcamp . All in all, we have about a 100 hours of video tutorial time per level and this video library increases every week. These videos are meant to give students the correct strategies and the edge in solving problem sums, found in paper 2. From the toughest questions to everyday questions that students take for granted, we cater to all types of students.

So parents, fret not! There is always a complementary solution to tuition and more tuition. Your children can learn at their own pace, pause a video, think and start doing again. All this would not have been possible without the advent of video technology. So all hail video!

How about having a personal tutor on demand at a tenth of the cost or less?

The statement above will put some at skeptics bay. No doubt about that. But the truth is that it is very much possible to do so with technology today as compared to yesteryear. is a question based depository of your child’s PSLE maths needs targeting students from Primary 4 right up to primary 6, what we are offering is a free database of questions which are updated daily numbering in the 1000’s and about 300 video hours of step by step video solutions to help your child.

Imagine this for a moment:

Your child flips out his PC and logs on to He goes to the section on speed and he tried some seriously tough question. Alas, this form of heuristics has always eluded him. He needs his tutor immediately but wait… his tutor is not free… He clicks on the view solution button and finds that his answer is a good guess but not accurate enough.. He then clicks on the button to view the step by step video solutions to the question and finally understands it. If he doesn’t, he pauses the video for a moment and replays it till the concept crystalises in him. Isn’t that as good as having a tutor on demand?

And did we mention, as your child attempts the questions, his scores and attempts get recorded and as a parent you get to find out how weak he is at each topic. Amazing isn’t it. The attempting of questions are absolutely free. You can even sign up for a paid account and test our services. We bet it will amaze you.

But the skeptic in you may say: I don’t think this is as good as having a tutor. Well we agree to some extent but really the whole idea is to be able to access expert teaching at a fraction of the cost.

Enough said. You’d better try it for yourself. Log on to and try the questions today for free. Even better, sign up to get the top examination questions right in your mailbox with answers provided to the questions.

Find the toughest examination questions in your mailbox NOW!

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