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Singaporemathguru is OPEN! But you must be registered and be logged in… If not…

Dear users, parents and students,

We are OPEN.

We are an open system that allow you to attempt the questions, get the answers free and even get your progress tracked for free. But to do so, you would have to be registered or logged in. If you aren’t logged in, how are we able to track your child’s progress? 🙂 Please log in and experiment with 99% of the features we have on the site.

Even with regard to videos, we give a few video lessons free worth $25 per lesson(You can find this on your dashboard). You can even view previews of the videos to each question by clicking on the video icon.

We are an open platform. Do experiment with it first. We are not a pay to try platform. We are a try and then pay platform. We want to provide value even before you even pay us. To see value in our platform, please register and be logged in and attempt those questions with your child!


Best regards,

The Singaporemathguru Team