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Singapore PSLE Mathematics

The information on this page is for students in Singapore sitting for the Singapore PSLE mathematics from 2018.

The purpose of the Singapore PSLE Mathematics examination is to assess pupils’ attainment in mathematics at the end of primary education with respect to the objectives of the Primary Mathematics syllabus.

Pupils should be able to:

  • Recall specific mathematical facts, concepts, rules and formulae, and perform straightforward computations. (Knowledge)
  • Interpret data and use mathematical concepts, rules and formulae, and solve routine or familiar mathematical problems. (Comprehension)
  • Analyse data and/or apply mathematical concepts, rules and formulae in a complex situation, and solve unfamiliar problems. (Application & Analysis)

Pupils should be able to:


Recall mathematical facts, concepts, rules and formulae; perform
straightforward computations and algebraic procedures
This AO includes basic numerical and geometrical properties, basic skills of
measuring, units of measurement, comparing and ordering numbers and
quantities, and retrieving information in statistical and geometrical forms.


Interpret information; understand and apply mathematical concepts and skills
in a variety of contexts
This AO includes data interpretation and spatial visualisation.


Reason mathematically; analyse information and make inferences; select
appropriate strategies to solve problems
This AO includes reasoning inductively and deductively, analysis of
relationships among quantities and geometric figures and making inferences
from mathematical data or results.

The examination consists of two written papers comprising three booklets.

PSLE 2018 Mathematics Format

PSLE Mathematics Format

1. Both papers will be scheduled on the same day with a break between the two
2. Paper 1 comprises two booklets. The use of calculators is NOT allowed.
3. Paper 2 comprises one booklet. The use of calculators is allowed.

Source: Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board

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