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A lot of people actually think that signing up would incur some sort of expense on We are here to tell you that that perception is wrong (If you feel that our website signing up process or the homepage can be improved to convey a better message, do drop us an email here). Signing up is absolutely free!

We have over 10,000 questions that you can attempt and more than 300 hours of step by step worked video solutions. The questions are free to attempt (even without signing up) and with every signed up account, you can see which types of questions your child is weak in. All progress is recorded with every free signed up account. If you did not sign up, this feature would not be available to you.

Just a word on our database of questions. Our database of questions are updated weekly. And we have questions from primary 1 all the way to primary 6. Primary 1, 2 and 3 questions are just skill builders currently, basically, the easy stuff. The meat, the hard stuff is in primary 4, 5 and 6. Worked solutions for primary 1,2 and 3 is free to view. For primary 4,5 and 6, these worked solutions that often come in video form is accessable via a paid for package. Do check that out. smg_dashboardBut even if you feel that you do not want to view the video solutions for primary 4, 5 and 6 , signing up for a free account makes all the sense when you get progress reports, auto-marked questions, access to tons of exam questions and immediate feedback on the correctness of an answer.

Say your child is weak in “Guess and Check Exercise 12”, you can actually see that in your child’s progress reports. You can actually get your child to attempt those questions again or to attempt related questions on the site.

The auto-marking feature is also pretty useful. How much time do you spend flipping back and forth to the answer sheets, trying to mark your child’s work? Well, if you do it on a daily basis, you might actually waste a lot of time doing just that. Take your mind off that and let technology do that work for you.

If you want access to all these examination questions, auto-marked as a student as a student fills in the answer with complete access to progress reports and updates on tough examination questions in your inbox, do sign up for a free account with today!

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Sign up with us and let our video explanations guide your child! Each and every video explanation to our questions is a complete guide to getting full marks to every question. Did we mention that we have 300 hours of video solutions and explanationsSign up now at!

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