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Sign Up And Be A Singaporemathguru Ambassador! Why? Get More Than 300 Hours Of Tuition Absolutely Free & Track Your Child’s Progress Against Others As She/He Attempts More Than 10,000 Math Questions Free!


Singaporemathguru Ambassadors Program – Free access to more than 300 hours of video solutions to tough examination questions is launching the Singaporemathguru Ambassadors Program where approximately a 100 out of thousands will be picked as ambassadors of the program. Students and parents will be selected on a first-come first-serve basis.


So what are the perks of being an ambassador of Singaporemathguru? Well, for one, students and parents get complete and free access to all the video solutions and explanations on our website. All 300 hours of video solutions will be available to you for free. No payment has to be made. This perk is estimated to be worth approximately $400.


We will also hand hold you and your child and give you detailed advice as to how to use the website and benefit from it personally. We are so sure that your child will benefit from this as most of the tough questions have video explanations by a teacher and this will prove extremely useful for your child. We’d go as far as to say that if your child watches all of our videos and attempt all of our questions, he/she will be guaranteed to improve.



  1. You must perform a free registration with your child at
  2. You have to give us detailed contact information so that we can contact you.
  3. You must accept our terms and conditions as we brief you over the phone.
  4. You are to refer 3 friends to register at Tell your friends who will benefit from this. You can do so by dropping us an email to


After you have done this, just sit back and relax and we will give you a call right back. Welcome to the Singaporemathguru Ambassadors Program!

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