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SCGS Mathematics SA2 Prelims 2013 Primary 6 – Are you looking for this question?

Mdm Shanti bought 1/3 as many chocolates as sweets. She gave each of her neighbours’ children 4 chocolates and 3 sweets, after which she had 6 chocolates and 180 sweets left.
(a)How many children received the chocolates and sweets?
(b)How many sweets did she buy?

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John had 1/3 as many erasers as pens.
He went to an orphanage and gave each orphan 4 erasers and 3 pens.
Subsequently, he discovered that he had 6 erasers and 180 pens left.
(a)How many orphans were there in the orphanage?
(b)How many erasers did John have at first?

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Tina purchased 1/5 as many sweets as buns for her birthday party.
She invited some children to her birthday party and gave each child 6 sweets and 5 buns.
In the end, she had 480 buns and 26 sweets left.
(a)How many children were there at the party?
(b)How many sweets and buns did Tina purchase?

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