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Primary 1 , Primary 2 & Primary 3 math drills have been uploaded and are ready for attempting!

If you feel that workbook practice has not been sufficient for your child and feel the need to supplement that, you should check out the newly added Primary 1, Primary 2 and Primary 3 math drills. These math drills will help all students, weak or strong master those essential math skills we really need to excel in Singapore math syllabus and are designed to in accordance to the MOE syllabus. So very often as well, these skills are overlooked and we just assume our kids know these things.

We as teachers see that pretty often. I mean just to give you an example, I have seen so many students not know how to multiply 345 × 10. When you ask some students this question, some take a while to understand that. While some students will know intuitively that the answer would be 345 tens which is equal to 3450. This skill often overlooked in the earlier years of primary education eventually lead to problems later on in upper primary math education. This skill is named : Multiplying by tens ! This is just one of the many examples that we could raise.

Another example that affects a student’s ability and speed in solving mathematical problems would be the ability to do mental calculations. Some are unable to apply “Number bonds” to their thinking to solve a question.

So let me be long winded and give you an example again. 13 + 23 = ? Well, ask your child this and some may not be able to respond till more than 10 seconds later. While some are able to see it in this way: 13 + 23 = 10 + 3 + 20 + 3 = 10 + 20 + 3 + 3 = 36 . If your child is not able to give you the answer to this quick, you know that you have got work to do.



It’s ok! Let’s try a simpler one! 16 + 20 = ?  . 16 + 20 = 10 + 6 + 20 = 36 . So for questions like that, regrouping is also a skill that is overlooked because 16 is 1 tens and 6 ones. Well, you know what we could go on and on… But the long and short of it is this, these are skill builders that may have been overlooked earlier on. In general, students with the ability to do mental calculations and also perform these simple math drills well will do well in math education in Singapore.

Or even multiplication tables. Ask some students : What is 12 x 12 ? and some hesitate. “Erm…..!”

If your child cannot multiply, which we see in students at the primary 6 level, there is some correlation to poor ability to solve paper 1 and paper 2 questions in PSLE math. Eventually, these weaknesses build up and they affect a student.

I mean, if your child cannot conquer simple mental calculation and multiplication, how are the going to conquer heuristics methodologies students so often suffer from. How are they going to conquer a question that involves some form of systematic listing or even question that requires some form of working backwards or even questions that involve the simultaneous concept? You do not have to agree with us on this but if you do, then work with your child simultaneously using tough heuristics type questions and use these skill builders to supplement your child’s needs.

In fact, many parents understand these issues and have sent their kids to Kumon centre around the island to allow self learning at their own pace. So if you will, is also a form of self help technology tool at your own pace.

Don’t go panicking now! As teachers and parents, there is no need to fret if you know what the problem is. Identify the problem, get feedback from your tutors or teachers in school and work on some of these skill builders. There are over 7000 questions that you can attempt and whose scores can be recorded so that you can view your child’s progress report and this is only available to students and parents who have signed up for free.

The account is free people. No fees. The answers are free. No fees. And the solutions, if any(Primary 1, 2 and 3), are free as well for all our students. And it is very important to sign up any of your children from primary 1 to 6 because you get access to over 10,000 math questions, many exam clone questions all free and tracked. So if you do have a student in primary 2 and a student in primary 5, do sign up for 2 separate accounts as you would like to track their progress separately. Also, as we are writing now, our team of teachers are adding more questions. In time to come, there will also be a question bank feature that you can use to search questions but that is another blog for another time.

So what are some of the skill builders here in

Well, you really have to check out website out. It’s too many list down here.

Some include:

Addition with regrouping, subtraction with regrouping, adding tens, simple one-step problems sums etc. It goes on and on and you really have to take a look for yourself on these pages shown here:

Primary 1 Math Drills

Primary 2 Math Drills

Primary 3 Math Drills

We hope that these skill builders will help your child.

The next question may be : Where do I start my child off? It’s simple. Start from the first topic of the primary level and just go on from there. As each answer by the child is submitted a jingle will go off to tell your child that he or she got the question right and if wrong another jingle tells the child so. And if the answers are wrong, just click on “View solution” and you get to see how the question is solved and after doing an entire exercise, just click “submit for marking” and the scores for the exercise will be generated and recorded on your account where you can view in your profile pages.

Well, too much talking here. If you have read this far, you really should just give it a shot ! Well done for reading this far. We hope that you won’t hesitate to tell others about what you have discovered here. If you think this is worth sharing, do so!

It’s the start of a new  term and we hope that your children succeed academically from the bottom of our hearts. From our team here at, we wish you all the best!


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