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New Question Bank Feature Added! OMG! Find All The Questions That Your Child Is Weak In!

New feature added!

Search all the questions you have always wanted here.

We are not in the last phases of our beta testing. Things have so far gone well although there have been many ups and downs. Every moment, we cherish and treasure. Every day, a new day, a new challenge. We are proud to announce that our question bank feature is up and functional although the algorithm can be improved, we think that is ready enough to benefit users of the platform. With this, you can now search questions that you want to attempt. Say for example, your child is weak in “Guess and Check”, just type it into the field shown here and related “Guess and check” questions will be displayed. This is provided that we have tagged these questions already. We are done taggin all the questions yet so this may take some time. Do bear with us as we are a small team of overworked individuals! The tagging can only be done by the teachers as the tech guys whose skills are oh so valuable truly can’t do so as they do not know the syllabus.

So just to give you can example on how to use the question bank.

This is how it will look like when you access the page.


Now, you are looking for a question that you are having difficulty solving. And you know that it involves a paper from Raffles Girls and has a word Alex in the question. Kindly type the words “Raffles”, “Girls” and “Alex” into the search field shown here and this is what appears. It is something like what you do when you perform a search in google.


As you can see, a relevant question appears and there is a video solution icon that appears which means that you can watch a preview of the video solution. Click on that video solution icon and this is what you will see:


This is a short video preview of the worked solutions.

You can also click on this:


And you will see this:


This is a model that is in the worked solutions and you can access this fully when you have signed up for a package.

Anyway, if you do not want to sign up for a package you can click on the question here:


And you will see this:


This is the page where you can submit your answers. If you are not sure, what you can do is to click on the “View Answer” button and you can immediately see the answers right here in red.


Like we said, answers are always free. As long as we can keep going with this, as long as it benefits both the audience and us, we want this to “Free” element to be very much a part of this website so that we can benefit as many as possible. But, we hope that it does not sounds too gimmicky. But really, check it out for yourself and don’t take our word for it and spread the message if you believe in it. We want to be part of a movement that takes test preparation, examinations of many different subjects to the next level with technology.

We want to enable teachers with the “know how” to teach us in the “how to” in a scalable manner. This is what we want to do and we hope to be able to achieve that mission.

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