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Monkey See Monkey Do


When we advise our students with Singaporemathguru on what to do to be a better problem solver in math, we normally give them this advice: Monkey See Monkey Do.

Whatever the teacher does on video, the student must try to emulate and do it. We have written many articles, many blog posts on exam strategies and commented on many tips, shortcuts, tricks and more. We have shared much. However, because the blog is considered a form of print media, the message seems to have fallen on deaf ears sometimes.

For those who have paid attention, subscribed to our more than 330 hours of video explanations and tuition, you will find that they have benefited much. Our students and subscribers have learnt how to:

– Segment information up into chunks that can be  analysed and processed

–  Apply strategies/methods that work better than others

–  Apply some methods actually are suited for certain types of students and for them

–  Use models in more than/less than questions or comparative type questions

–  apply all the necessary heuristics skills and more

Of course, all this and more, you can learn as a subscriber to our videos. We have more than 300 hours of videos to primary 4, 5 and 6 questions. A lot of times, teachers ask students to highlight their work because the meaning of these questions is in those keywords highlighted.

We do that as well. Monkey see monkey do. If you see us underlining, please do so as well. The act of underlining or highlighting tells your brain to take note of that information. We have a system to help weaker students do so much better than their current grades. Most students solve their questions in a blur. They read but do not comprehend. They read a second time but do not act. Why?

Follow our videos to help your child understand how to solve these non-routine questions easily.

Most of the time, it is so simple. Even adults and parents don’t do these things. Bring yourself to your child’s level. Thread a step at a time. Learn from our videos.

If the teacher in our video draws a model, do so as well.

Monkey see monkey do.

If the teacher in our video  creates a table, do so as well.

Monkey see monkey do.

If the teacher in our video tells you to put  workings to paper before calculating, please do so as well.

You know what we are going to say.

Monkey see monkey do.

This is all done to create awareness and to help students emulate the habits that A star students already have.

Emulate our videos, learn from them and be better at math over time. Also, as your child watches these videos, you can expect them to form those very same habits that make or break a student. That could mean the A star or not. We will let you decide on that! 🙂

To our more than 20,000 users of, may you take these skills with you along in life and may you do well always in your exams?


Yours sincerely,

The Singaporemathguru Team