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Have you ever wondered who is the teacher/educator/trainer/content creator behind SingaporeMathGuru? It is yours truly, Kingsley. Hi there! I have been an educator for a good 19 years of my adult life and having taught for so long, I think I have a firm and in-depth, revolutionary understanding of how a child’s mind works, especially in the subject of Mathematics.

These are some of my memorable moments in my career thus far.

  • Writer of more than 50,000 math questions

Yes the  questions on are written by me. So this is typically what I do for my own students, if  they are tutored by me. Whatever it is they are weak in, because I am so proficient with these questions, I can personally write questions that students find difficulty in. Whether it is higher order thinking skills or just the heuristics of these questions, I can write them. Imagine what it must be for an educator to be able to write so many of these questions, of which, 10,000 of these questions are on this website itself. I don’t say this to brag but many would not have had the same experience that I have as an educator. Doubt my teaching ability? Watch those videos I have personally created and determine for yourself my teaching proficiency. 

  • Created and curated more than 300 hours of video explanations of primary math that you see on this website

Well, watch those video explanations created by me and attempt those questions created by me and you will find that there is some magic that goes on within my teaching methodologies. I call it “Scientific Math”. 

  • Pioneered highly effect psychological tools and strategies to help students perform better in math. 

Trust me. You will not find a lot of these taught in MOE schools. This is based entirely of my experiences.

  • Hold workshops for parents

I have held workshops for parents who have been exposed to my ideas on Math. These ideas are revolutionary because it involves psychology as well. More on that when and if we speak.

  • I am a great teacher

I say this with tremendous humility and also to  impress upon you that I know my work. How does one help a child  to improve in math? Can a weak student improve? In my lifetime teaching, I have found that there is indeed a way to help the weaker students. But there is a caveat here. You have to listen to me. My fine tuned approach has been that- fine tuned over so many years that it is really for the benefit of certain students that I do certain things. While there are no guarantees in life and exams, it has to be said that there is a way to increase the odds towards getting the critical A*.

Math tuition results

Here are some results shared by my students over the years.

When we speak in person or over the phone, I will share with you what you see below. I wrote about this sometime back. You can read about some case studies as well.

Scientific Way To Improve Math + Case Studies

Getting The A* For PSLE Is No Mean Feat! But We Want To Introduce You To Our Student Who Did It With Ease! In Fact, Her Marks Jumped From the 50s-60s to an A* in PSLE. Discover Untold, Unresearched, Unexplored Secrets Of Top PSLE Students Who Seem To Have Gotten The A* For Math Effortlessly … And Guess What! Your Child Can Do It Too!

Skeptical? Read on… A chance missed can be all too grave when your kids are competing with Singapore’s best students…And we are only going to say this once. It is up to you as parents to discern if what we are saying is in fact accurate.

The question that lingers on most parents’ minds is :

 How is it possible to get the A* ?

Quinn’s Journey From Mediocrity to A* For PSLE Math

When we first met Quinn from a neighbourhood school in Seng Kang, Nan Chiau to be specific, she had all the hall marks of a medicocre student. Her grades fluctuated between the 50s and the 60s. And this was a evident from primary 5. Primary 4 seemed to be a breeze. However, when the critical parts of the syllabus kicked in in primary 5, Quinn’s results fell drastically!


The heuristics part of the syllabus has to do with it. It is a method of doing and solving math questions, which I have to say, really goes against the grain of the brain. Students are expected to master most of the skills listed here. And it is anything but straightforward.


But isn’t all of this taught in schools and tuition centres?

Yes, these approaches are all taught in schools and further emphasised on in tuition and enrichment centres. Yes they are. But what we are talking about goes beyond methodology and into the realm of decision making science.

Introduction To The SingaporeMathGuru Scientific Method!

What was introduced to her(Quinn) then gradually became the SingaporeMathGuru Method. It is a culmination of 15 years of research and experimentation by our faculty’s content writers, educators and teachers.  This is not something that we take lightly and we are putting it out!

Quinn’s Transformation

As Quinn was taught the SingaporeMathGuru method, it became apparent that the method worked! And it worked very very well. This is what we mean …

We experienced first hand, Quinn’s marks increasing by 10 marks with each test taken. From CA to eventually Prelim, she had improved to around 85 – 90 marks. This was close to the A* but not close enough for some.

We did speak to the parents and reassured them that if the child is getting between 85 marks and 90 marks for Prelim, there is a good chance(we are talking about probability here) that she would obtain A* for PSLE MATH.

Our Advice

Just Keep On Keeping On. She will get there! The idea at that point, probably around early August as we can recall, was to just keep practising. After all, her practise papers showed results of between 85 marks to 90 marks. This was remarkable! So just keep on keeping on. At this point in time, the parents should be very supportive of the child. It is important not to over exert for the child already has it in her!

Eventual Results

One fine day, we received a pleasant message. “Quinn got A* For Math!” And you know what, we weren’t surprised one bit. Even before Quinn had been exposed to our approach, this has already worked on so many students out there. We make no bones about this but at the same time, we do not want to sound boastful about it. It works! Period!

Still Skeptical?

I get it. If it was me reading this for the first time, I would be sceptical as well. But consider several case studies below.

Case Study 1 – Thomas From Neighbourhood School In Tampines

Thomas was  a student from a neighbourhood school in Tampines. The same issue was at hand. In primary 5, his grades dropped tremendously to a borderline pass. Sometimes, his marks were a borderline fail as well. He was introduced to the SingaporeMathGuru Method of error reduction. Within 1 month, his marks were up to 70 marks. Sometimes, it is just that. Error reduction!

Thomas was by all means a lazy boy and untidy in his presentation workings. If you believe us, untidiness is a predictor of poor results. Nonetheless, by using the SingaporeMathGuru method, he improved tremendously.

Case Study 2 – The Curious Case Of Claire From Tanjong Katong

Claire was a brilliant student we have to say but she never seems to be able to get the A*, always around 80 to 85 marks. Again, when the paper was returned, it was always a situation of “more time needed and more accuracy”. So Claire was introduced to the SingaporeMathGuru method.

With SingaporeMathGuru’s methods, Claire was taught proprietory methods of how to increase accuracy and the speed at which a question is done. With this strategy alone, some of our students are able to complete an entire 5 mark problem sum in 2 minutes. And of course, they get the question right as well!

Is this even possible? Yes it is as we have seen one too many  times.

The  idea is simple as we have explained in our videos all too often. Break the information up so that you can understand easily. React immediately so that you can build upon that information. Most students read the entire question but end up getting stuck. Why? The brain or the mind cannot process too much information at an instant.

But on the contrary, the mind or the brain can produce inferences and insights if you focus on one bit of information at a time. Psychologist may call this the recency bias. We borrow from the fields of psychology to help your child do better. Since the brain processes recent information better, then why not let  the brain do that?

Eventually, Claire managed to get an A*. We do not have her transcripts here. You just have to take our word for it. We are honest people and do not intend to mislead.

Case Study 3 – Julian From Maris Stella : A Case Of Not Looking Before You Leap

Julian is a smart boy from Maris Stella. But he has a problem, just as many students have a problem. And that is, he has the tendency to jump to conclusions and this stems mainly from a character flaw called impatience.

How do you address that?

In our videos, we specifically teach a technique to prevent students from jumping too far out into concluding too early. This is what some psychologist will call, the first conclusion bias. This is the tendency to conclude too fast without a proper deduction of the matter at hand.

This is a bad habit as well that needs to be broken. In our videos, we guide students from all walks of life to thinking about a question in the form of an unfolding motion picture. Don’t shoot for the end result. Look at what is immediately ahead and what you can do with what you see.

What can you infer?

What workings can you do?

What model can you draw?

What can you add to the diagram to make things more obvious for your brain?

These time tested psychological tricks really can help a student propel forward in their results. After all, your child is competing with Singapore’s top students. Some of Singapore’s top students have been tutored since the age of 4 years.

Can you imagine that? We know because parents ask our teachers to teach their kids from such an age. And our teachers charge extremely high prices for what is the SingaporeMathGuru method of solving math questions. We say that in all honesty.

And with our videos, you get all of that at a fraction of what other students pay when. More about that in a bit.

Case Study 4 – Ashley – Attempting Our Database Of Questions = More Exposure To Tough Questions

Ashley is what I would call the typical struggling student in primary school math. She has an above average intellect and can do well if exposed to the right methods, the right tricks, the right approach, the right way if you will to go about getting the A*.

Typically, her results are between 50 to 60 for Math.

Her school questions were relatively easy and so whenever she did the questions of past year papers, she found it very hard to score initially.

With the SingaporeMathGuru method taught to her and and exposure to SingaporeMathGuru’s questions, she developed confidence in solving certain tough questions. Working backwards, the simultaneous concept and other non-routine questions became a walk in the park practically.

With some hard work, he managed to improve to between 80 marks and 90 marks for SA1 and then eventually, an A* for PSLE Math.


FREE Questions To Attempt + Free Progress Tracking Tools – Primary 1 to 6

At SingaporeMathGuru, we pride ourselves on having one of the best and largest databases of examinable questions from primary 1 right to primary 6. Attempting our questions are always free. You need only  sign in for a free account. You can even get the answers free on demand. And progress tracking tools help you to check your child’s weaknesses and strengths.

100’s Of Hours Of Video Solutions On The SingaporeMathGuru Method – Primary 4, 5 & 6

We have worked solutions and videos solutions for many questions. The thing is that many question the efficacy of the video. The video is one of the most effective tools at teaching ever invented and you can rewind, pause and replay to get something drilled into a student’s head!

Also, what is most important is what is behind the video. Behind all these videos is the culmination of 15 years of research and experimentation of what works in teaching Singapore Math to students. We have to say, in a way that does not seem like boasting – that we are indeed one of the best in the game.

The videos are about the :

Psychological Strategies We Employ

Optimal Decision Making In Solving Math Problems

Inculcate Make or Break Habits That Help Students Get The A*

Methods & Different Ways To Solve A Problem

First principles Thinking

Mental Models For Optimal Decision Making

And so much more. So in a sense, there is so much in these videos that it are gems that can help every child in faring better in math in primary school and beyond.

Efficacy Of The SingaporeMathGuru Method

As such, we have made an attempt to go out there and spread the SingaporeMathGuru Metho amongst parents and the general public. Our message has been received with great enthusiasm. The picture below is a presentation which we gave at OpenSchoolBag.

Scientific Math Approach

Let us tell you another little story. And maybe you can relate more to the message at hand. About a year ago, we had a student who attended a neighbourhood school. Her name is Alice(not her real name). She was scoring between her 50s and 60s in Primary 5 SA 2. During the first lesson, we did a diagnosis on her and 9 months later, with some attention and tutoring, she managed to score A Star for the 2016 PSLE. How did an average student score A Star when she was “doomed” to do poorly some might think.The answer lies our proprietary Scientific Math Approach ™  used in SingaporeMathGuru’s system of teaching math. Needless to say, Alice’s parents were ecstatic!

Thank you for reading thus far. If your child needs help in Math and would like to know how to really help them. We mean REAL HELP! Please read on.

We are the Singaporemathguru team and we have a benevolent message for all parents who have school attending children for the levels of primary 4, 5 and 6. We have been teaching and tutoring for more than 15 years and we have found an approach, if you will, that can help students do very well in their PSLE. Over 15 years, all of our life’s work has been decoded, broken down, researched and tested repeatedly. This codified knowledge is organised and assimilated into Singaporemathguru’s 10,000 free to try questions and it’s greater than 300 hours of video explanations/solutions. 

We see a common pattern amongst students that do very well. One thing is for sure. There is hope. The average student can do extremely well in Math. All it takes is the right strategy, methods and other factors which we will talk about in our lecture for parents and their children.

Also, another factor which actually does play a part in the child’s success in Math is whether the parents are actually involved in the child’s education. Given 2 scenarios where the parent solves a problem sum with the child and a parent leaving the child to do it on her own, it is usually the former scenario where the child shows an increased confidence in solving math problems.

In our workshops, we will talk about some of the following issues which are hot topics amongst parents.

  • Why some students score in Math

In this segment of the lecture, we will talk about why some students score in Math as compared to others. We have to understand that students are designed in different ways. There are students of various capabilities. What is important is to work with each child’s strengths and find ways to mitigate those weaknesses.

  • Intelligent students Vs Average students

A lot of times, intelligent students just have a lot more exposure than the average ability students. We will talk more about this in detail.

  • Modeling vs not modeling

While some students like solving without models, it is imperative to note that there are blindspots within a child’s mind. These blindspots are the downfall of a math student. Learn to overcome these downfalls with the right way to model a question.

  • Psychological tricks to improve brain function in math
  • Our proprietary tried and tested strategy of creating A star students

We will reveal our never before revealed strategy to learning math optimally and solving questions in the shortest possible time.

  • Learn how you can help your child personally with over 300 hours of video explanations

Learn to use Singaporemathguru’s world’s largest video library on primary school math videos. Now even if you do not subscribe for the service, you can still use and share the questions freely amongst your friends. Spread the love and gain some good karma! Singaporemathguru has been used by teachers and students from the USA to S.E.A. We have grown and one of the reasons is because we allow students to attempt our questions and track their progress totally free. This is to aid the parent in identifying the child’s weakness and strength. 

  • What we overemphasize that other tutors don’t in math tuition

As we speak to many tutors and parents, we realise that we emphasize certain fundamental “must dos” than others. That is also the reason why we are able to bring a student from C to an A Star in months!

  • Thought Process Patterns

Because we have been teaching for so many years, we find that students who do not do well in Math fall into a certain thought process pattern, have certain destructive habits that lead to poor math scores. Your job as a parent is to deter that and change their habits especially from a lower primary level. 

  • Keyword and information recognition

We will teach you and your child how to find keywords and information that matter!

  • Handwriting

We will also discuss how the child’s handwriting makes a difference to thinking right.

  • Language capabilities