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In with the new and out with the old

assessment booksParents, do you buy assessment books and test papers for your children? If you do and if you are reading this article, we are here to inform you that there is an avenue for you to not only “feed” your children with learning content, but also, an avenue to track that progress and save money as you do so.

Typically, in Singapore at least, assessment books and examination papers are a must. But, the problem with that is that, the answers or step by step solutions in these assessment books make little impact to the understanding of how to solve a question. So what do you do next? Well, you hire a tutor and you pay hundreds of dollars a month. Per subject, parents can easily pay up to $4000 per year.

So what the tutor does is to essentially explain clearly how to solve questions and provide guidance on tough examination questions. The tutor also identifies the weaknesses of a child and works together with the student to improve these areas.

scoresThis is what tries to address. As a registered member(FREE), your child may attempt these questions on the site, and have these scores get recorded so that you can identify your child’s weaknesses.

If your child does not understand the “how to”, for just a low cost of $39.90 a month, you  can choose to sign up for a membership that allows your child the chance to view a professionally made video explanation that covers all ground , “no holds barred”, with nothing left unturned, with the ability to keep replaying the video for guidance as one solves a question until a student gets the gist of it and tries a related question from the same heuristics concept till the he/she masters the strategy.

This is pretty close to having a real tutor. And all this at the low cost of $39.90 per month. This adaptive learning element is what you need in educational technology to drive educational standards forward and we believe that your child can really benefit from it.

So in with the new and out with the old today. Track your child’s math progress with and be sure to work on those weak areas.

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