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How to help your child improve in Math heuristics!

Have you ever wondered what type of questions your child may not be able to do?

Have you always wanted to get specific practice on certain heuristics that your child may be weak in?

Or what about getting just a bit of everything as revision for the upcoming PSLE?


At, we offer questions that you can do for free. These questions are problem sums that are geared towards primary 6, primary 5 and primary 4 students and have been  grouped according to skill level and heuristics.

For example, lets look at an exercise on patterns:


Well, the above is just the first question in the exercise.

There are other questions in the exercise. All you have to do is click the NEXT button circled below, and you can see the other questions in the exercise.


And you can see the second question in the exercise is as shown below:


Click on the NEXT button again and you will find the third question below:


Click the NEXT button again and you will see the fourth question below:


As you can see the questions all involve the same heuristics on patterns involving a fixed and constant difference.

Let’s say you want to know your child’s score after your child completes filling in the answers for the exercise,  you can click on “Submit for final marking”.

This is what you will see. Just click on “OK”.


As you can see below, this is what you will see if you did not sign up for an account. As a visitor, your child can check the answers to the question, but your child’s score is not recorded.

If you really want to find out your child’s weak areas, you should really sign up. Did we mention, signing up for an account is free of charge!


If your child had attempted the questions as a FREE member, and let’s say you get one question correct, you will see:


As you can see, you have scored 2 out of 8 points.

And you can go ahead on click on “My Report Card” under the “Student Acct” tab as shown below:


And you will see all the chapters to the questions your child has ever attempted:


So as you can see above, your child has attempted Patterns Exercise 1 and you can now view the scores for that attempted exercise.

If you click on “Primary 6 – Try FREE > Patterns Exercise 1”, you will see this:


So on the 21st of August, your child attempted Patterns on Exercise and scored only 2 points out of a maximum 8 points. Looking at the score, this may be a concern for you and you may want to pay special attention to that area for your child, and get him/her to try out more questions in that topic.

If your child still has difficulties answering the questions, you may then wish to sign up for a package at just $39.90/month, that allows your child to view instantly, a video that will show him/her how to solve the question in the best and quickest way possible!

Check out a sample here:

We are in the midst of fine tuning the system and would very much like build a system that is intelligent enough to recommend questions of weak areas to a student. And to a better student, the system should be able to fast track a child’s learning and help a child learn optimally.  With enough data, we can do that, but it is going to take time and effort to gather enough data to make this a relevant tool for learning.

But as it is, we believe that this is the way to go and we want to offer up free cloned examination questions for students all over Singapore to try. We want to benefit as many people as we possibly can.

This is a free e-learning system that can help parents and students track scores and aid students in getting immediate feedback on math questions. This feedback can be used to help parents, teachers or even tutors to address those issues that most students have with heuristics.

If you are reading this and believe in the mission of providing free examination questions and answers to the public,help us spread the word! 🙂

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Sign up with us and let our video explanations guide your child! Each and every video explanation to our questions is a complete guide to getting full marks to every question. Did we mention that we have 300 hours of video solutions and explanationsSign up now at!

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