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How To Prepare For PSLE Mathematics 2016

mathematics-998343_1920 Do well for PSLE Mathematics 2016! This is 2016, a new year! And a happy new year to one and all, parents and students alike, and to the many foreign users that visit! This topic is entitled “How To Prepare for PSLE Mathematics 2016”. This is not meant to be exahustive, but rather, to serve as a roadmap or checklist to eager parents and students who want to do well in math in PSLE 2016. So let us begin.

1. We have written about the importance of having a study timetable. Know when to play and when to study. Devote an appropriate amount of time to Mathematics each day.

2. Know your strengths and weaknesses. If your child is not get in the 4 operations of fractions, revise it with them again. Use Singaporemathguru’s database of more than 10,000 question to help your child and track progress effortlessly with our report card feature. Best of all, our questions are all free to attempt.

3. Use past year examination papers. If you have not bought them, you should! It is a great tool for exam conditioning especially when done under timed conditions. Always train your child to have a sense of urgency while solving math questions. Remember that Singaporemathguru also has tons of exam question clones.

4. Get a tutor or use our more than 330 hours of video explanations. Remember that not all our questions have video solutions attached but what we do have is the largest library of primary school math videos in Singapore. Our video solutions and/or textual solutions are attached to the questions in primary 4,5 and 6 questions.

5. Know the right methods and the most effective methods to use in solving math questions. Singaporemathguru uses the most effective, easy to understand strategies for auditory and visual learners. So far, the response has been fantastic! This is what one parent said about Singaporemathguru. He said “I cannot seem to get my son to sit down and do his assessment books and even if he does, he will not be able to understand the worked solutions. The beauty about singaporemathguru is that your videos and worked solutions explain how each number is derived and now, he can sit down for hours engrossed in the videos… He really enjoys it!…”. Please refer to our testimonials page to get a hang of what we do and why we do the things that we do. The methods are important. Understanding is as well. That is the reason why video is such an effective tool if the right teacher is behind the screen.

6. Learn examination techniques by reading the other blog posts of singaporemathguru. 7. Strive to cover the entire syllabus by April. The rest of the time is spent on refining and revising.

Happy studying!!!

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