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How Easy Or Hard Was The PSLE Mathematics 2015 Paper?

So was PSLE Math Easy Or Hard?

PSLE Mathematics is over! That’s great news! One down for us parents, students and educators. But it seems that the paper has quite an uproar on social media that some seemingly negative news has come up on facebook over several questions, its answers posted by netizens.PSLE Math Easy Or Hard?

Some parents have flamed others for posting answers to students online which discourage others while some are fine with that as well. In every exam, be it PSLE 2015 or PSLE 2016 or PSLE 2014, there are bound to be students who say that it is really easy and some who say it is really tough and some saying it is ok. So far the consensus on social media is paper 1 was tricky or difficult and the rest of the paper was manageable. But is this an accurate reflection of the difficulty of the paper? Definitely not! This is just a very small sample of the student population that has taken PSLE. And who are we to say or judge that the paper was easy or difficult. To do so would be pure speculation. The truth is that there will always be a proportion that says it is difficult, a portion that says it is easy and a portion that says it is hard in every exam.And that is the truth.

So do not take postings on social media as ultimate truth on whether the paper is difficult. The toughness of a paper is always relative. And what does it matter anyway? It is time to move on. Your child has done her best. More importantly, you have done your best as a parent. You have engaged the correct tutor, you have used singaporemathguru’s questions and more than 300 hours of video solutions. You have done your best. It is time to move on and ace the other papers. Mulling over the difficulty of the paper is just unproductive in our opinion.

If it is any solace, the PSLE paper is moderated according to the T Score.[] And there have been cases where a student just simply did not do a whole question by still got the A star. There have been students who were so confident but when they received the results, they only got an A. There have been students who were distraught after exams, but all of a sudden, a shocker – they get the A star. So let’s not judge the difficulty of the paper. It does not matter at this point anyway. It is time to move on and do the best for the other remaining subjects.

cloverGood Luck for the other subjects to all our students and parents.

You CAN do it!