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Here’s 10 reasons why it pays to be good in math!

Math is just one of those subjects that is an integral part of our lives. Like it or hate it, you would have to learn to live with it anyway. But this is the BIG IF. If you are good in math, chances are that your career options would be wider than most.


I. You could be an engineer. If you love building and if you love solving problems, engineering could be the field for you. As an engineer, you get to solve problems that people in other professions don’t. And you could be paid pretty well. But the bottomline is this. You have to be in good in math.


2. You could be a scientist. Yes you very well could if you were in good in math. Science requires one to form a hypothesis and to measure the results of an experiment. You have to find interest in complex mathematical modeling and statistics to be able to measure effectively and accurately. Yes. You can!


3. You could be an accountant. Accounting is more than math of course. But it sure requires one to have some basic form of mathematical thinking. Yes you can if you learn math well !


4. You could be like Mark Zuckerberg and be a superstar programmer. Yes but to be able to program requires tons of logic, logic so well defined that makes your progress run smoothly. Yes, being great at math helps one to develop those logical thinking skills that are so badly needed. And by the way, do you know that there are a dearth of programmers around? Yes! And did we mention that Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire.

5. You could create a game and make $25 million out of it. Yes you can! You could if you were great in math. I am sure you have heard of the game “flappy birds” by now. Created by vietnamese developer named Dong Nguyen, it was reported that he was earning some $50,000 a day just from that game alone. Why is math important? Math is very related to physics. In games, you need to consider the laws of physics which requires mathematical formulae to be able to make the game realistic. For example : Force = Mass x Acceleration . Wondering what’s that? It will be a few years before you learn that. Hang in there!


6. You could be a math professor! If you really love math and have a flair for teaching, you could very well teach math.

7. Or you could teach math in a primary and secondary school. That is if you want to be a teacher. And being fairly good in math will make your job easier for sure.

8. You could be a banker. Yeah! And bankers need fairly good math skills. After all, they need to count don’t they or at least need to know how to use the calculator.


9. You could be an investor like warren buffet. Yes you can! With math abilities, you would have the know how to value a company. You’d know when to buy low and to sell high to make a profit! By the way, did we mention that Warren Buffet is a billionaire many times over! You could be like Warren Buffet.


10. You could be an animator! Yes if you have watched your favourite Disney movie, it was done by animators who required the use of math while working with computer programs to create stunning graphics.

Here’s 10 reasons to be good in math! Not good in math? Find out how with over 300 hours of tuition can really help you score A* for primary school math in Singapore.