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Free subtraction worksheets and Interactive Math Practice For Kids!

abacus-497215_640A student may be able to perform addition such as 5 + 6 = 11

But if you ask a student how to perform 11 – 6, he may have some difficulty.

What a student can do is to draw 11 balls and cross out 6 balls. What’s left naturally is 5 balls.

A student has to be able to eventually move beyond the stage of drawing balls such that subtraction comes easily, logically or even intuitively. Yes! 3 – 2 = 1 You don’t have to draw for that.

The way to do that pedagogically is to encourage the student to try incrementally difficult practices and worksheets. A student can learn how to write subtraction sentences or even start off with subtraction of single digit numbers. And then slowly, work him up to subtraction with problem sums and word problems.

This obviously  takes time and practice and what better place to try all of these online subtraction worksheets than . Try all of the exercises and worksheets on subtraction and allow your student to gain mastery over such overlooked skills.

If you are a teacher, make each student sign up with their parents so that their progress is tracked slowly and surely. That way, a student’s dashboard on will tell a teacher or a parent what are the strengths and weaknesses of the student.

Don’t hesitate to sign up with you parents, teachers and students so that your progress is tracked!

Try some here:

Have fun trying the questions!!!

Also remember to sign up so that each student’s practice gets tracked.


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