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Parents, Primary 4 and 5 students, are you prepared for CA2 examination questions? In this article, we discuss about the importance of understanding concepts.

Do you find your child memorizing steps to get to a supposed answer to a particular examination question? While your child may be right sometimes, a twist of an existing question will yield an incorrect answer by the child. Why is that so? That’s because your child simply memorized the steps to solving the question.

For example, working backwards with 2 objects may be a question that your child can do. But if an exam question introduces a 3rd object, all of a sudden, your child is stumped. Maybe, your child has not fully understood that for such questions, the total while working backwards remains unchanged.

Forget the technicalities above. The bottomline is this. We must teach our children to think and to understand.

As teachers, tutors and parents, we must always facilitate understanding rather than blind memorization. How do we do that? Well, we ask questions. Or we ask questions along the lines of 5 W’s and 1 H. We must ask “Why”, “What”, “Who”, “When”, “Where” and “How”?

Some general questions include:

  1. How did you come to such a conclusion?
  2. Why did you add instead of subtract?
  3. When must you perform this step?
  4. How do we find out the gist of the question?
  5. Who is the main character in this problem sum?
  6. Where do we being working from? The back or the front?
  7. What are the clues given to solving this problem sum?
  8. What are the keywords in this problem sum?

These are some very general questions to helping a child think and understand. This is not meant to be exhaustive however but to those who are reading this, i believe you get the idea. is a free e-learning system with premium video solutions to your child’s PSLE/P4/P5/P6 math exam questions that can help parents and students track scores and aid students in getting immediate feedback on math questions. This feedback can be used to help parents, teachers or even tutors to address those issues that most students have with heuristics.

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