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Who and what? is a resource library of Singapore math questions and its exact video solutions. Each question is linked to a step by step video solution that teaches one how to solve a question so you never have to spend tons of money on private tuition again.

With, attempting the questions and finding the answers are free of charge and we intend to keep it that way. Even better… it’s like having a personal tutor on demand.

Questions are free to attempt

It is absolutely free to attempt any of the questions on our website. Our questions are modeled after examination questions of the top schools. Hence, it would make sense if a student creates an account with us and attempts these questions on our site. In addition to that, a student also gets the answers to the questions and will know whether or not he can do a question. As such, a student gets immediate feedback on his or her skills.


Are the solutions free of charge?

The answers are totally free on our website but the step by step video and worked solutions are available for a small fee. (Take a look at some of our video solutions here) If a student attempts a question, the answer will be displayed for the student. An example to explain this scenario would make sense at this point.

Suppose a student tries a question. The question is: “John has 45 marbles. If Mary has 45 more marbles than John, how many marbles has Mary?” A student keys in the answer as “80” and gets the answer wrong. At this moment, the answer given would be displayed as “90”. Here, the student knows the answer but may not know how to do the steps and the workings to get the answer.

That’s where we come in. Our expert team of educators (qualified teachers) have already created a step by step video explanation on how to solve the question to clear any of the student’s doubt. If the student has a paid account, the student can access these video solutions and worked step by step solutions and gain the “know how” of how to solve a question. So in essence, the student only pays when he needs to know how to solve the question.


Why should you sign up and try the video solutions?

Well for one, it is free to try the questions on our site. Also, a student can try the questions and the answers will be made known to the student. But it’s not the answers that really help a student. If that were the case, all students would be able to self study and get A stars on their own. No, that’s not the point we are trying to make. We intend to provide step by step video solutions tied to each question so it is as if a tutor is personally helping your child. So even if you don’t have a paid account, chances are that you would still be able to use the site to help your child in his or her exam preparations.


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