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Very Simple Fractions question but some students get this wrong!

Dear parents, have you seen a question that goes like this:

A class has 40 students.

15 students are boys.

What percentage of the students are girls?


For some reason, quite a number of students do not get a simple question like this wrong. This is perhaps a question that many students overlook and become “care-less” as it seems very simple. The variety of answers are amazing even.


How should one solve a question like that?


The secret is in observing the key words.


“What percentage of the students are girls?”

The word “percentage” should tell the student that the answer should be given as a percentage.


The word “students” should tell the students that the reference/base is the total number of the students because it reads as “of the students”. This is the way to interpret it.


Next, the word “girls” refers to the number of girls.


So the workings should translate to:


No. of girls/Total no. of students x 100% = ______ %


Have you gotten the answer already?



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