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Cheap Tuition In Singapore – Yes That’s possible!

The team at has recently written an article about the costs associated with private tuition in Singapore. I has received quite a number of hits, and from that, we’d like to think that it is very relevant to parents and students nowadays. This is especially so during the General Election of 2015 where one of the most talked about issues in Singapore is the cost of living expenses. Of course that includes the costs of supplementary education in the form of tuition. If you are a teacher or a parent, you would probably know this : In the good old days, probably about 10 years ago, private tuition would cost about $200 per 4 lessons, and this was the rate that many teachers/tutors charged then. According to several sources, that was the going rate then. Today, that rate has doubled. Not only that, brand name tuition centres such as Mindstretcher charge about $250 per month. The Learning Labs also apparently charges $400 per month according to several sources which is as much as or a little less than what private tutors charge currently.

If you think that tuition costs in Singapore are high, you are not alone. This has been aggravated by high rental costs of premises and the cost of living in Singapore. So what is the solution this problem? How do we ensure that our children get quality and affordable supplemental education in the long run?

The answer according to us is simple. Use technology and spread those costs out so that more people can be reached while everyone pays less, while the education provider earns more from the economies of scale. It is a win-win scenario for all parties. While many parents prefer the face time with a tutor, we urge others to be open to technology and learning. For example, a very well known site called has amassed a database of more than 8000 tutorials teaching professional skills to adults that pay $25 a month for access to its tutorials. Many have benefited from the low cost and as a result, Lynda is doing pretty well financially too.

At singaporemathguru, what we do is we address the questions by providing a video explanation(mostly) and/or textual explanation to a question, teaching the child how to solve that particular question, while loggin the child’s progress as he attempts the questions. In this way, most of our P4,5 & 6 questions comes tagged with a video explanation, created by a teacher, that can be fast forwarded or replayed by the student. We also provided a growing database of questions for parents and students to attempt for free. In this way, we essentially break lessons up into mini video tutorials targeted at solving particular questions.

Now, if you are not convinced, do sign up for an account with your child and attempt the questions. From there, you can track your child’s progress and the kinds of questions that your child is weak in. And for just $39.90 per month, you get complete access  to 330 hours of tuition, more than the tuition you get in any given year with a private tutor or a tuition centre. If you are not comfortable with subscription, you can also pay by tokens. Find out more at .

You can save up to to $2200 or more by doing so. Don’t believe us ? Do the math 🙂