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Read An Inspiring Story About How Late Bloomers Can Still Succeed


This is a wonderful story that first appeared on facebook where a parent shared about the struggles about helping her weaker child and it has inspired many on the internet. It needs to go viral. It is a story about patience and love. While some kids seem to be able to cope with the stress and pressures of PSLE and still can perform, others shy away when the pressure mounts. As parents we should always take the time to really bring the best out of our kids bearing in mind that not all kids are the same. All of us really are different with different inclinations. It is what makes us unique. Please read the story below. Perhaps many parents can relate to the story below.

My youngest son wanted to follow his two elder brothers to study in RI. He did very badly for his PSLE instead and cried his heart out.

He tried again to follow his two elder brothers to enter RJC from his neighbourhood school. This time he did so badly in his Sec 3 EOY exams that he gave up.

I gave him much more love and encouragement than usual and he secured a place in poly. He topped his cohort in year 1, year 2 and year 3 and his name was pasted on the Dean List. Now he is with Yale-NUS.

He joins his two elder brothers to study in top world class universities, even though he could not secure a seat in our local top secondary school. So, it is the destination that counts, not the transit ports.

Everyone is different. Some reach their destination earlier, some later. Some take the usual popular routes while others make many round-about detours.

The critical lifeline is that you continue to be in flight. Never get yourself grounded. Stay on course.

The gist of this article – Some are late bloomers but still bloom nonetheless. The PSLE is over. It is a time for relaxation and family and all the little things that were deprived to our young ones. For the primary 4’s and 5’s, do remember to make use of our more than 300 hour video tuition to the exam questions in our database and work till the very end, and of course enjoy the process as well. We are very sure that with our extensive database of exam questions and video tuition will help you iron out your queries that you have.