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Feeling stressed before exams? Read this!

cry-62326_1280 - CopyExams are just around the corner. In a wink, PSLE would be here. Both parents and children must be pretty stressed right now.

“Has my child studied enough?”

“My child is not so good in ‘guess and check’ and questions involving ‘distance,speed and time’ and so he must practice more. “

Yes, of course your child must practice as much as he/she can, but always remember to mind your child’s mental well being. If your child has done all the past year papers there is to do over the last 2 years and has been consistently performing well, then it may be time to take a breather some times, to de-stress so that your child does not peak too early or just burn out.

There are plenty of ways to relax and de-stress and all you need is a pair of lungs really. We are talking about deep breathing! There are many benefits to deep breathing. One of those benefits is a relaxed, calm and sharp mind that can solve challenging mathematics questions.

Breathing deeply doesn’t just calm the mind but it also helps the body to lower blood pressure and function at an optimal level.

A well researched breathing technique is the abdominal breathing technique. It is often recommended for students before an exam or a stressful event.

This is how you do it:

1. You take a slow deep breath through your nose and fill your lungs with as much air as possible. As you do so, feel your abdomen rising.

2. After breathing in, hold the breath for a few counts and then release the air slowly from your lungs through the nose.

3. Repeat this for 10 minutes daily.


You can even teach your child to do it just before the exams because it slows down the heart rate and helps to lower blood pressure.

So if you notice your child being stressed, try the abdominal breathing method here to calm the mind. After all, a calm mind is an aware and alert mind.

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