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Challenging Upper Primary Questions in Preparation for PSLE Mathematics

Here are some challenging PSLE Math questions that you might want to expose your child to from primary 4 onwards. Call us mad but the sooner you expose these to your child, the better. Of course, if you have read our other blog posts, you should have gathered that mastery over the topics on fractions, ratio, percentages and decimals in all its variant heuristics concepts are a must.

Look at some of the questions below:

Click on the questions to try it!

John can paint a wall in 2 hours.
Mary can paint the same wall in 5 hours.
If they worked together to paint the wall, how long will they take to complete painting the wall?


The question below is a clone of a question from a top school!
John had 1/3 as many erasers as pens.
He went to an orphanage and gave each orphan 4 erasers and 3 pens.
Subsequently, he discovered that he had 6 erasers and 180 pens left.
(a) How many orphans were there in the orphanage?
(b) How many erasers did John have at first?


The question below is a percentage question that many students have difficulty in, and algebra is not recommended as a way to solve it. Click on the question to try it!
Pet store A sells a Labrador puppy at $120.dogs-279696_1280
The price of a similar Labrador puppy in pet store B was 250% more than that in pet store A.
(a) What was the selling price of a Labrador puppy in pet store B?
(b) John bought a Labrador puppy from each store during a sale. The Labrador puppy from pet store B cost $108 more than the one in pet store A.
If both pet stores offered the same percentage discount on all pets sold in the stores, what was the percentage discount given on each Labrador puppy?


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