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CA 1 Maths Is Around The Corner! Is Your Child Ready?


CA 1 is around the corner.

Are you ready?

Yeap that’s right CA 1 is around the corner. For primary 6 students, this will be a test of how well you have retained information  for primary 5 math topics. Hopefully, you are not very comfortable with fractions, ratio, percentages and decimals. These are the core topics and will make or break you. If you are not ready, do make sure you get the right practise. You should already have those assessment books that you could help you. If not, please try visiting our main site and attempt the questions under the primary 6 module. These are questions, which have been analysed, broken down, repeated and cloned into exercises that will help your children master the skills they need. Attempt these questions and find the answers to our website.

Are you weak in guess and check?

Are you weak in working backwards?

Are you weak in repeated identities, unchanged total, unchanged difference? has over 10,000 math questions and growing, all designed in accordance to the strictest standards of the MOE syllabus. We have the largest resource library of more than 300 hours of video explanations. Many of these questions from primary 4 to 6 come attached with a video explanation that it seems almost as if a tutor is teaching your child. Playback as many times as you want to and learn the ins and outs of the subject together with your child.

If you are in primary 5, your core topics that you should have mastered is whole numbers and fractions. Are you weak in these topics? If you are , check out questions under primary 5 math module. These questions have been selected, studied, broken down, repeated and cloned to really help each and every individual child excel.

Please take the time to go through the website. All the questions are free to attempt. So do take your time to go through all these questions and even share them with your friends.

If you are in primary 4 right now, whatever it is that you have studied, validate them with the questions on our website. Once again, questions are free to attempt and try. Scores will only be tracked when you have a registered account with us.

Until then, all the best for CA 1!

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