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A twist on the “more/less than” concept

Dear parents and students,

typically, a “more/less” than question involves a statement of comparison where the total is given. Of course, there are variations to this. A common variation is a scenario where the total is not given but the quantity of one element is given. The variations are of course, endless. Through our course of helping students, we often see that many students are not able to solve an interesting variation of the “more/less than” question.

We find that a majority of students cannot solve the questions below.

Example 1:

Jenny receives $8 more than Mary as monthly allowance.bag-147782_1280
Each of them spend $20 every month.
In a certain number of months, Jenny saves $140 while Mary saves only $100.
What is their total monthly allowance?


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Example 2:

euro-96594_1280Both Tom and Jerry work in a bank.
Tom’s monthly salary is $300 more than Jerry’s monthly salary.
Each of them spend $1050 every month.
In a certain period of time, Tom saves $13000 while Jerry saves only $10000.
How much is Tom’s annual salary?

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